1 Month Update ~ Pictureessssss

Heyyyyy everybody!!!
I’ve officially been out on tour for one month now. I just wanted to share some pictures and let ya all know how I’m doing (by the way you have no idea how hard it is to not say ya’ll while in the south…it just makes perfect sense and is probably gunna be added into my vocab pretty soon). Here’s some stuff to look at!!!!!!!

Abandoned insane asylum ~ Buffalo, NY

Hiking ~ Akron, OH. This place used to house an Indian tribe and a 12 year old English girl they kidnapped.


Hanging out with my super fun nephews in Ohio.


Fire in Chesterton, IN. Burning a Christmas tree 8).

My really good friend Jenny and 4 month old Mia…loves of my life.

Tour truth…home sweet home~ Rockford, IL.

Derby Day Party – Louiseville, KY…Tall Squares killing it!

Really awesome backyard in Nashville, TN.

Playing on the rooftop of the Hard Rock Cafe ~ Nashville, TN


Annnddd….how I feel pretty much every time I get to play guitar 😀


That’s allllll folks…I’ll try to post some actual stories soon but for now these pictures will do! Playing and hanging in Oklahoma City for the next couple days…yAyyYyYy! See ya aroundddddd


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