A couple new things happening ~

I submitted 3 songs to be released via Beta Snake Records from NJ. It’s gunna be on a cassette tape for all those people like me out there who like listening to tapes in the car!!! The band on the other side is going to be none other than the almighty “Darkwing.” I’m super excited about this…I like splits and people doing things so this is exciting. Check ’em out here:

My side is full of stuff I’m really excited to release to the world…I had almost too much fun recording it 8). Nahhhh, not possible!!

ALSOOOOOoOoOOoo I caved and got a twitter ~ follow me if ya so feel like it. My name is Francie_Moon on there but you can call me whatever ya want, just not late for dinner (ha HA HAAAAAAA!).

ALSOOOO! Check out the new layout! It looks a lot more fun than it did before…plus it has nice colors. Yah!

Alright that’s about it for now……

Just a reminder to all the South Jersey people that me and The Great Outdoors are playing this Friday, February 7th at The Bus Stop in Pitman, NJ. Come get wired and weird with ussSS!


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