More Tour Favorites

“living in a house with no mirrors, i see my reflection through our interactions”

HellllLLLllloOOO! I have returned from the great lands of the West and find myself sitting in Montague, NJ with nothing but a brain full of memories, a bunch of layers on to keep the cold off my skin, and a house with my family just the way I left it. It’s amazing how nothing seems to change even when it’s all different. I wanted to put some time into reflecting on what happened and one thing I can say is I definitely ran into a lot of new music…so I wanted to share some folks that I found particularly enjoyable to listen to…here are my top songs from my top 5 people :)…sorry if I left you off the list…there’s a lot to choose from!!

1. Casper Allen – I met Casper in Fort Collins, CO where him and his friends played some music…then saw him again in New Mexico but I think he’s originally from Texas. I think Matt and I listened to this CD in the car the most…this song gets stuck in my head all the time!

Check out his band page at:

2. Nicholas Hull  – There’s not much online for this dude…but I genuinely enjoyed his music and loved listening to his set! I saw him play in Temecula, CA at The Dial.

3. Camp Wisdom – I did not play with these guys but this nice woman Robyn showed me their music for about an hour. We sat and smiled and listened to all of their songs that are online…she knew every word. I love their music and want to share it. They are from Olympia, WA.

4. Watermelon Slim – This GUY! Matt and I walked into the only place open on a Sunday night in Clarksdale, MS and saw this…

Life could not have been more complete that night :).

5. Cole Sullivan – Ahhh, yes. Best whistler on this side of the Mississippi, or whichever side he seems to be on. Saw him play in Richmond and he brings you to that happy place where there is summer sand in your shoes and sunburn on your face.

Of course, I will always adore my tour mate Matt Pless’ music which I didn’t add to the list because it’s not new to me :)…here’s one of my favorites:

Well, that’s all for now!


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