West Coast Adventure w/Matt Pless

I am new here…to all this. When Matt looked me in the eyes back in June and asked me if I wanted to go on a 3 month tour, I thought for sure it was something that I would never be able to do. But here I am on Sunday, August 11th, 2013 at almost 1 in the morning and I just booked my flight and secured my ride so I will safely arrive in Oklahoma on September 8th. Matt will be there already, recording a full length for a while in Oklahoma City. From there we will be going in his car and driving out to California ~ up to Seattle, down the California coast and back home across the southern areas of the country to avoid the winter. I had to quit my job and am in the process of moving out. Lots of changes but hopefully one day this stuff will all pay off! I will keep you all updated on here.


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