About & Contact

Francie Moon is the music of Melissa Lucciola, a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist based out of the Northern woods of New Jersey who is influenced by garage, blues, folk, and punk.

Check the shows page to see where I’ll be playing soon!

Contact/Booking: franciemoonmusic@gmail.com
Webstore:  http://www.franciemoon.bandcamp.com/merch
Twitter: Francie_Moon
Instragram: francie_moon

Thank you for visiting my website. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Melissa Lucciola and I am a 24 year old musician from New Jersey. I play many different instruments but mostly stick to guitar and singing while playing live. I grew up in a musical family…we used to sing rounds and harmonies in the car together wherever we went. I’ve been in quite a few bands now and seriously love playing music with other people. This past year has been a roller coaster ride of touring (9+ months on the road), self recording 2 four song EPs, 1 four song 7″ record, a 7 song EP, a 3 song split cassette tape and most recently a 10 song LP with my band The Great Outdoors (that one recorded by Chris Ross). It has been really busy but amazing. Besides all that I make all my merch myself including t-shirts, cd’s (hand watercolored covers), 7″ record covers (handpainted also), inserts, download codes, you name it. Basically everything except the pins, cassette tapes and actual vinyl. My point is, I’m busy. And I love this more than anything else in the world. Which is why you coming here means a lot to me…cause it means something has happened for you to get here 8). You are probably wondering why I call myself “Francie Moon.” I noticed on my first solo tour that every single day I had to repeat my name “Melissa Lucciola” about 4 times to everybody, so I decided I should simplify things. For some reason one day the name “Francie Moon” snuck into my head and I liked it and went with it. Call me whichever you like…some prefer Francie (fran – cee), others prefer Melissa (I introduce myself as Melissa if that makes a difference to you :) ). Upcoming plans include a 20 day tour in December with the one and only Shane Palko! More details wills be posted on my shows page. My email is franciemoonmusic@gmail.com if anyone is interested in getting in touch with me for shows or anything else. Or you can fill out the contact form below…that also heads over to my email. Keep your heart open and your eyes open wide. <3 Melissa

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